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3rd Place Finish

The town of Globe, Arizona showed up in great numbers this weekend and brought the beautiful weather with them.  The entire event ran smoothly from start to finish.  The courses were tough and pushed all the competitors to stay on top of the rocks, literally. 

Cody and Jim showed no hesitation the entire weekend, it was clear they were in Globe to win!  They kept the pressure on the other competitors to run each course clean and nearly flawless.  Lots of loose rocks and off camber ledges proved how tough Saturday's courses were and if you weren't on your game you were on your lid.  Team Waggoner put on a great show keeping all wheels on the ground and ended the day with only 3 back up penalty points, only one point behind the leader.  

Each competitor has 10 minutes to finish an obstacle and Sunday's Course B1 proved that 10 minutes isn't always enough time.  Just the first set of cones was the most daunting part and took up most of the time needed to get through the remaining 4 sets of gates.  Even if you were lucky to make it up the insane 90 degree climb, the next set of cones was just as difficult.   Needless to say each competitor put on a great show, some finishing with seconds to spare.  


At the end of the day WE ROCK sets up one final course, the shoot out, and only the top 6 competitors run it.  With only 4 points separating our team from 1st place we still had a fighting chance to win!  The competitor in 6th place runs the shoot out first and the competitor in 1st place will run last.  This allows for the leader to watch and plan out how to complete the course with little or no errors.  But the infamous Course B1 was the center of our shoot out!

Team Rage 4th was the 1st to attempt the course and didn't make it past the first set of cones before rolling off the wall they climbed up earlier that day.  Team Madd Racing made it a little further before rolling at the second set of cones.  Then Jason Paulie, King of Rear Steer, made it the furthest with help from his spotter Travis.  They always put on a great show for the spectators and competitors.  They ended up laying the rig on its side at the 3rd set of cones.  Next was Tracy and Jason Jordan who powered the rig through the entire course, taking out 3 cones... but they finished it!  That put the pressure on us and we were ready to keep the pressure on Team Campbell who was still sitting in the lead.

Cody and Jim climbed right through the first two sets of cones quickly, knowing that they had to take the penalty points in order to complete the course. 


Once up to the third set of cones Cody revved the engine climbing right up the vertical ledge, but the buggy bounced into another cone.  Now with 30 penalty points, Cody needs to finish the course without hitting any other cones or he will 'point out'. (Competitors are only allowed a max of 40 points for each course; negative scores are what you want).  Jim lines Cody up for his final wall climb and the buggy climbs it beautifully but bounces right into a cone at the top.  This pointed our team out and unfortunately moved us from 2nd to 3rd Place.  But Team Campbell still needed to complete the course in order to keep his first place title, the pressure was on!

Team Campbell proves once again to be King of the Rocks powering through the course sealing their fate as 1st place winners!  Congratulations to both Campbell and Jordan for earning their top place finish! 

DRIVER A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 Finals Total
Shannon Campbell -13 -13 -4 -3 37 -11 -2 -13 37 15
Tracy Jordan -12 -12 -3 -3 32 1 -2 -15 31 17
Cody Waggoner -14 -11 -4 -3 33 -1 -2 -15 37 20
Jason Paule -6 -5 7 2 7 -7 0 -10 38 26
Bruce Zeller -13 -11 -1 -3 32 -1 -2 -5 38 34
Jason Scherer -2 -12 -4 -3 11 2 17 -12 40 37
Brent Bradshaw -8 -11 -3 13 37 13 -1 38 50 128

Pictures also available on webshots - Click HERE

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