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1st Place Finish

Fox 11 Tucson, AZ News on the Event...


 Team Waggoner Earned their 21st, First Place Win!

Team Waggoner, of Capistrano Beach, has proven once again why they are one of the top teams in Rock Crawling history.  

WE ROCK USA held the first Rock Crawling Event of 2009 at the Pima Motorsports Park in Tucson, AZ.  The entire competition site was designed and created specifically for rock crawling, and considered one of the toughest and best “man-made” courses to-date.   

From the twisted mind of Lil-Rich Klein came a new breed of tough technical courses.  “If you build it, they will come” must have been his motto; and with over a month of building this rock crawling arena was a reality.  Only competitors and media were allowed in the arena area and spectators were kept behind a chain linked fence; which seemed to be a contributing factor to how smooth the event ran. 

Competition was going to be tough and with the return of Jason Paule to the Unlimited Class the pressure was definitely on.  Team Waggoner was more than prepared going into this event and with their new platinum sponsor, (Precision Laser Cutting and Design) they were ready to start the season off right! 

Course after course the first day seemed to fly by.  Cody and Jim held the lead by only 5 points; with Paule right their waiting for any chance to take that lead away.  The defending 2008 Series Champion, Jesse Haines, was still close with only a 22 point gap. 

In order to keep Paule and Haines from taking the lead, Team Waggoner had to remain on their game.  After the first 2 courses on Sunday Paule put the pressure on and regained the lead by 10 points, only to have Team Waggoner come back on the last two courses and take the lead again.    



Going into the shootout Cody and Jim only had an 11 point advantage.  All competitors know it’s not over until it’s over and a team can go from last place to a top slot after this one course; especially since this particular shootout offered a -20 point bonus.

The shootout proved to be tough, but the few competitors to run before Team Waggoner proved it could be completed with the -20 point bonus.  In order to win the event Cody and Jim had to score -29 or better.  And they did better than that!  Finishing the shootout with a -46, which was the best score in the unlimited class; proving they were on their game from start to finish and earned the event win! 

Team Waggoner finished the 2008 series proudly in 2nd Place and is ready to regain the coveted first place title in 2009!

Next event May 2nd and 3rd in Three Peaks, Cedar City, UT.   

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Driver Rig # A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 SO


Cody Waggoner 117 9 1 23 3 -11 9 -3 -11 -46 -26
Jason Paule


12 1 25 3 -8 1 -10 7 -40 -9
Jesse Haines 119 14 1 5 38 -9 1 -9 -8 -39 -6
Brent Bradshaw 12 37 -2 12 24 13 -1 9 -13 -34 45
Matt Messer 17 37 -2 38 38 -10 20 19 -10 -5 125
Nate LaRusso 888 37 31 4 38 13 19 -2 2 37 179

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