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January 13, 2010


Team Waggoner, of Capistrano Beach, has decided to retire from rock crawling… indefinitely.  After 9 years of competition and more than 70 events this team has some of the most impressive statistics in the sport.

Team Waggoner Racing has competed in 18 Championship series and 17 of those were a top 4 finish!  Needless to say they are not walking away empty handed and most importantly their heads can be held high.  

“They were the most dominating father son team in the sport of Rock Crawling.  I am so proud of these men and what they accomplished!” states Lindsay Waggoner.

Event Wins                Championship Series Titles
23 – 1st Place               6 – 1st Place Series Titles
18 – 2nd Place              9 – 2nd Place Series Titles
 7 –  3rd Place              1 – 3rd Place Series Title & 1 – 4th Place & 1 – 6th Place

The team had a great support system.  Not only did they have each other, but they built a great network of sponsors that stayed with them over the years.  Industrial Process Equipment, Inc.,, BF Goodrich Tires, CBM Motorsports, Torco Racing Oils, K&N Filters, Lightforce Lights, PRP Racing Seats, Detroit Locker an Eaton Brand, Ryan Safety, Fox Racing Shox, Winchline, Axial Racing, Trail-Gear, Howe Performance.

What is a driver without a spotter?  A spotter is someone you need to trust implicitly and can always count on to get you out, or in some cases ‘in’ a jam; so why not have that person be your dad!  Cody was fortunate enough to have his father spot for him when they first started competing back in 2001.  Cody did have two great stand-in spotters while Jim took a short break from rock crawling.  And when Jim wasn’t spotting he was at every event cheering his son on and or wrenching on the rig if needed; just supporting Cody in any way he could.  But that didn’t last long.  Jim couldn’t stand on the sidelines he wanted in on the action and Cody was glad to have his father back in front of the rig. 

“Thank you very much to family, sponsors, event promoters, volunteers and competitors for all that they did to promote Team Waggoner Racing and the Sport of Rock Crawling.  It was a great 9 years of my life and I am looking forward to the future.” comments Jim Waggoner/spotter.

Being as successful as Team Waggoner Racing was can only make some people think that there is more to the story and the team can’t be leaving the sport all together… or are they?

“I have spent the last decade of my life rock crawling competitively and loved every part of it.  Without the support of my father, Jim, and wife, Lindsay, I (we) would not have been as successful as we were.  We have a lot of great memories and made a lot of friends along the way too.” states Cody.  “But now is the time I want go 4 wheeling with friends and family for fun and not have to compete against anyone.  I also want to focus on the growth of the company’s laser cutting business (  I am very proud to have been apart of such an awesome sport and to accomplish what our team accomplished, but I am ready to start a new adventure in my life.” 

Cody Waggoner also gives a great deal of credit to the Klein family; Big Rich and Little Rich, owners of WE ROCK USA.  “Rockcrawling would be dead if it were not for the Richs’ putting there heart and soul into what they love.  I respect and cherish what they have accomplished over the years and years to come.“

Team Waggoner wishes nothing but the best for all their friends and sponsors in the 2010 season! 

Lindsay Waggoner


October 7th, 2009

Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner Racing teams up with LightForce Performance Lighting for the Off-Road Expo at the Pomona Fairplex this weekend. 

From Friday through Sunday “Roxanne”, the Team Waggoner Racing moon buggy will be on display at the LightForce booth.

“Our trusty Jumbo Sized Keith the Kangaroo, LightForce’s Ambassador, is all suited up and ready for the exciting weekend at the Expo.” says Lindsay. “Our Team will be there on Sunday to see everyone, so stop by and say hello.”

As always stay up-to-date on Team Waggoner Racing News at

Here is some of the Expo’s information:


Fast Facts - 10th Annual Fall Off-Road Expo


Off-Road Expo Pomona

Fairplex Pomona
1101 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768

Show Schedule


October 9, 2009
5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

October 10, 2009
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

October 11, 2009
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The 10th Annual Fall Off-Road Expo, Presented by Toyota is the flagship event that features hundreds of vehicles and accessories, show specials only found at the show, giveaways and entertainment. Local and national off-road manufacturers, distributors, retailers and services are all represented at Off-Road Expo.

Attendees will be dazzled by features including motorcycle and off-road demonstrations, ATV ride-and-drives, RC car demos, interactive contests and much more.

Come be a part of our anniversary celebration.  Save the date on your calendar today!!!




September 20, 2009


Team Waggoner will be raffling off not 1 but 3 Jumbo Sized Keith the Kangaroo's!

One Keith will be raffled off via our website.  We have had an enormous amount of internet requests and figured we should have a separate raffle!

We are also going to have raffles on Saturday AND Sunday at the WE ROCK USA Grand National Championship Event, being held in Farmington, NM!

Email to enter in the internet raffle and claim your 5 FREE tickets
OR come see me at the event to pick up your FREE tickets for our Saturday and Sunday raffles!

September 17, 2009


Team Waggoner, of Capistrano Beach, CA, is taking another jumbo sized Keith for a road trip; this time to Farmington, NM and they will be raffling him off to a good home. 

This time around Team Waggoner is going to do the FREE raffle a little different.  “I know the next best thing to actually being at an event is following along with the live coverage on; but sometimes you want to feel more apart of the excitement.  So I am offering all fans to be apart of our FREE Light Force Keith the Kangaroo Mascot raffle!” states Lindsay.

If you would like to have 5 FREE raffle tickets mailed to you before the event just email your mailing address and contact number to .

 “All raffle ticket numbers will be connected with your name and address, so there will be no mix up of a winner.  If you are not at the event to claim the prize we will mail Keith to you.” Lindsay explains.

“If you are planning to attend the event and want extra raffle tickets mailed to you a head of time please send me your information. I will be passing out raffle tickets Saturday until Team Waggoner runs their last course. Then I will have the winning ticket drawn and announced. Good Luck! ” comments Lindsay.

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay via email at .  Check out 2009 Event pictures on Team Waggoner’s Webshots photo gallery. 

Team Waggoner will be in Farmington, New Mexico for the 2009 WE ROCK Grand National Event October 3rd – 4th.  Always stay up-to-date with all the team news at 

 Lindsay Waggoner

September 11, 2009


We all know how capable the SCX10 is, but who better to tell us how capable it is other than you. So far the marketing department has only come up with these sub-par “War Admiral” 2nd rate taglines. (*who’s War Admiral? that was the runner-up to Seabiscuit in the famous match race on November 1st, 1938. See!, nobody remembers 2nd rate/place).

  1. “A trail rig so capable…. your mama can drive it” - we opted not to do this one because we know how some of you can be very sensitive about your moms.
  2. “A trail rig so capable…. bigfoot has nothing on it” - just plain weak.
  3. “A trail rig so capable… *********” - we just wisely opted to automatically censor ourselves because it wasn’t politically correct and it was fairly offensive.
  4. “A trail rig so capable… there’s no need for roadside assistance ” - roadside assistance is relevant for 1:1, but not necessarily for R/C.
  5. “A trail rig so capable… it beats having legs”. Yea, not good.
  6. “A trail rig so capable… you’ll feel incapable compared to it” - this one doesn’t work when you slam yourself.

You’re probably asking why can’t you go with a totally new phrase? Well, we can’t make it that easy. Besides we did try out a couple other taglines such as:

  1. “hot chicks love guys and their trail rigs….. just don’t let your wife know that” - we know that not all of you are married, and we know that an open and honest relationship is what everybody should be striving for.


So here’s the rules because there are always rules:

  1. You must supply: name, address, contact info and your 3 taglines. Failure to provide all the necessary information will result in disqualification.
  2. Only one entry per person, but you are allowed up to 3 taglines.
  3. “In the order it was received”. If we were to receive the same winning entry, we’ll take whoever submitted the winning entry first.
  4. Submissions with more than 3 taglines submitted will be automatically disqualified.
  5. Failure to utilize the initial phrase “A Trail Rig so Capable…” will also be automatically disqualified.
  6. “Keep it Clean”. Qualifying taglines must be tasteful and not obscene or offensive.
  7. All winning submissions become the property of Axial, and may be potentially used in marketing materials.
  8. Yes, this is open to everybody around the world although the submission must be in english.
  9. Axial reserves the right to modify these Contest Rules at any time.


  1. The funnier or catchier the tagline, the better!
  2. Keep it relevant. Deviating from “a trail rig so capable” will lessen your chances of winning. Such as “A trail rig so capable…. it’s like the MP40 in Call of Duty 5 with double-tap!”.
  3. Keep it current and don’t get too niche such as “A trail rig so capable…. it beats having a sherpa”. Unfortunately not everybody knows what a ”sherpa” is. FYI :


Now onto the best part. The prizes!

  1. 1st place: SCX10 TR (AX90012) - PRICE $550
  2. 2nd place: SCX10 Kit (AX90007) - PRICE $450
  3. 3rd place: *Dingo Body (AX4010) - PRICE $60 *Winner subject to product availability. Product may not be available at the time of the announcement although the winner will receive the first available shipment.


The deadline is September 18th (Friday), 2009. Winners will be announced September 21st (Monday), 2009. The winners will be posted here on the Axial blog, and depending on how many entries we receive we may have a people’s choice poll.


Please submit all entries to: You must include: name, address, and contact info: email address and/or phone number.  Please do not submit more than once.


July 8, 2009



Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner is excited to announce that current sponsor Axial is taking on the lead sponsorship role for the remaining 2009 season. 

As full scale, 1.1, rock crawling became very popular it began to spill over and spread quickly as a sport within the RC world.  In April of 2008 Cody met some of the Axial team and was officially bit by the RC rock crawling bug.  “The two sports go hand in hand! The RC crawler is just like the full size crawler; it flips, flexes and rolls just like the real thing.” states Cody.  From then their partnership has continued to reach new heights. 

For Cody it was going to start out as something fun to do between full scale, 1.1, rock crawling events but quickly became another one of Cody’s passions.  In Cody’s very first RC event he placed 2nd out of 59 competitors.  Since then he has continued to accomplish top place finishes in local events. 

Cody credits the team at Axial, especially Matt Kearney and Randall Davis, for the opportunity to be apart such a great team and the RC community.  “Over the past year and a half the guys at Axial have taken the time and energy to build me an awesome rig and teach me how to use it.  Whether we practice at the local park or someone’s house we take it as serious as full scale crawling.  It has been great to learn from all of them and I am lucky to have practiced with a National Champion, Brad “Bender” Dumont.” states Cody.

Brad “Bender” Dumont, a key part of the Axial team, is the 2006 USRCCA National Champ 2.2 Class and is the 2008 Colorado State Champion in the Super Class and 2.2.  He is not only an icon within the RC rock crawling community, Brad has also developed and manufactured award winning RC chassis.  Brad built Cody’s 2.2 Comp XC-1 rig.  

“Teaming up with Team Waggoner is probably one of the best things we could have done because they’re a top notch team” said Greg Taniguchi, Marketing Director of Axial. “Cody Waggoner not only competes in W.E. Rock, but is also a huge competitor at RC events which is a prime example of how 1:1 and RC go hand-in-hand.  They will definitely be a huge contributing factor to the continued success of Axial and we look forward to building our relationship with the Waggoner’s.”

RC rock crawling may not be a fast-paced sport, but just like full scale rock crawling it's not about speed.  It’s about power and maneuverability.  As well as navigating obstacles on extremely uneven rocky surfaces all within a maximum time limit.  Almost identical to full scale events each course is to be completed with minimal penalty points.  Penalties are acquired for touching cones or banners, backing up, or “roll-touch”, which is similar to a winch penalty.   

Axial could not have asked for a better marketing tool than Team Waggoner’s moon buggy, “Roxanne”.   The bright green Axial panels stand out and draw a lot of attention at events.  Full scale rock crawling is not for everyone and can be very expensive, but RC rock crawling is an affordable fun sport that can be enjoyed by all family members.  “My wife and 3 year old daughter have their own cars and love to use them.  My wife has also competed in two events and placed in the top 25 against 40 or more competitors.” adds Cody. 

Axial covers the whole scope from beginners to racers. Axial products are designed to support the RC culture through the development and design of remote control parts and accessories. Every component of their products are thought out and evaluated in three key areas: performance, durability, and style.  Check out Axial at or call (949) 600-8642. 


April 7, 2009

Cody and Jim earn their 21st team win!  Cody win's at the Trail Gear R/C event in the same weekend!  And the team was featured on Fox 11 Tucson, AZ News... see below link.


February 4, 2009             ~March 1st, 2009 ~ New Date ~ Same Location & Time

When - 2/8/09 at 9am sign in and crawling starts at 9:30am
Where - Corona Del Mar State Beach (33.594594, -117.878049)

January 18th, 2009

OC R/C Rock Crawling Schedule ~

Check under R/C Schedule link for up-to-date information


OC R/C Rock Crawlers






Event #1


January 18th


Nature Park, Lake Forest






Event #2


February 8th


Corona Del Mar






Event #3


March 29th


Could Not Attend






Event #4


April 19th







Event #5


May 17th


Nature Park, Lake Forest







January 15th, 2009

First WE ROCK Event -

April 4th and 5th - Tuscon, AZ - Possible Night Event

bullet2008 Wrap Up  ~ Click HERE for 2007-2008 Event News

Thank you to all our sponsors for being a part of our successful 2008 series!

2008 2nd Place WE ROCK Series Champions

5th National Champions


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