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2007-2008 Team News

bulletSeptember 8, 2008


Cody and Jim finish 5th Overall!

Click above picture for event coverage and pictures


bulletJuly 21, 2008

Event #4 ~ 2nd Place Finish

Click on the Picture to link to our Event Coverage and Pictures


bulletJune 23, 2008

EVENT #3 ~  4th Place Finish

It was a hot one in Cedar City, UT...
Just a few mistakes cost us that podium finish.

This course was finished with seconds left on the clock too...

Click HERE For Event Story



May 27, 2008

2 Page Spread in June 2008 Issue of Dirt Sport Magazine
 (Pages 36-37)

 Read more of Harry Wagner’s story, W.E. Rock Tries to Change the Face of Rock Crawling, at the below link:

 This article is in the current JUNE 2008 Issue of Dirt Sports Magazine!


So Cal RC Rock Crawlers Winter Finals
Sponsored by RCP Crawlers and Axial

Cody places 10th out of 59
With his new rig! 



bulletMay 21, 2008



Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner Racing is excited to announce the addition RCP Crawlers and Axial to the team.  This partnership has added a new “toy” to Team Waggoner’s arsenal.  It might be a bit smaller than the team’s jeeps or moon buggy, but it is just as tough.  “It’s like the real thing without being inside an actual rock crawler. These things flip, flex and roll just like the real thing. They are amazing!” states Cody.

 This crawler is much different from the AX10 Scorpion Cody drove in his first R/C competition back in April, where he took 2nd place out of 59 competitors.  Brian Jones and team at RCP Crawlers built a custom 2.2 Class competition R/C Rock Crawler for Cody.  This weekend at the So Cal RC Rock Crawlers Winter Series Finals being held in Cougar Buttes, CA is where Cody will debut his new rig.  The event is being sponsored by RCP Crawlers and Axial.

RCP Crawlers is founded by people who live and breathe R/C.  They have been involved with the R/C hobby and industry for over 20 years. Cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, electric, nitro...You name it they've done it and still do. Until now there has not been a place that people could go to get everything needed to build a hobby grade crawler in one stop. Now you can at! RCP Crawlers is a business committed to offering unsurpassed customer service and support; they use and compete with the products they sell.   If you have any questions feel free to e-mail RCP at

Axial is a manufacturer of high end remote control products and accessories. They cover the whole scope from beginners to racers. Axial products are designed to support the RC culture through the development and design of remote control parts and accessories. Every component of their products are thought out and evaluated in three key areas: performance, durability, and style.  Check out Axial at or call (949) 600-8642.

        Cody’s 2.2 Class Vehicle Specifications

Chassis:  Bender Customs SW3
:  Axial
:  Axial Double Bead Lock
:  Losi Rock Claws
:  Custom Axial Links by RCP Crawlers
:  Novak Goat Brushless system
:  Axial
Front Burn:  With a Visionary Fabrication Dig
:  Thunder Power 1350 2s Lipo
:  Traxxas Big Bore
:  Sepktrum DX3R
:  Axial XR-1
Servo:  Hitec 5955
:  RCP Crawlers Aluminum Knuckles, Axle C’s, Straight Axles, Adapters, and Rear Four Link Plate.

Team Waggoner has definitely joined a winning team with RCP Crawlers and Axial.  “I am feeling confident about the rig and looking forward to my first event this weekend.” comments Cody.


bulletMay 19, 2008


2nd Place Finish at Event #2

But not before breaking his drive shaft...
 on his R/C Crawler that is!

Click HERE for Cedar City Event Information


bullet May 2, 2008



Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner Racing was recently surprised to find a wonderful story about the team in the San Clemente Journal.  About a month ago the author, Helen Mahshi, came by the house and interviewed the whole family.  “I think of this as more of a nice “coffee table magazine.” states Lindsay. “It is a great magazine that will be available over the next 3 months and not just tossed aside and replaced with the next issue.” Cody adds.    

The San Clemente Journal is distributed quarterly in over 200 locations in: San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano & Capistrano Beach. The Journal is also distributed to restaurants, hotels and stores as well as direct mailed to subscribers, Totaling 20,000. 

Helen did a terrific job describing Cody’s start in 4wheeling and the actual sport of rock crawling.  We are very pleased with the outcome and are very excited to share it with you.  The current issue will also be available online in the near future. 


Off-Roads AdventuresCody received some phone calls about the new Eaton Ad featured in the May issue of Off-Road Adventures Magazine.  “What a great picture!!!  We are very thrilled to be apart of the ad campaign Eaton is doing and know that it will have terrific feedback!” comments Cody.

Off-Road Adventures is a free publication made available by 4 Wheel Parts and is also distributed in all 4 Wheel Parts stores. Subscriptions are also available at .  

For all up-to-date news with Team Waggoner Racing please visit 


bullet April 26, 2008



Capistrano Beach, CA – Cody Waggoner of Team Waggoner Racing was recently introduced to the world of RC (Remote Control) Rock Crawling Competitions.  He competed in his first So Cal RC Rock Crawling Event this past Saturday at Felicita Park in Escondido, CA and placed 2nd out of 59 competitors. 

This all began when Cody went through event pictures of the WE ROCK Perris Raceway Event from earlier in the month and noticed an Axial banner on one of the courses. Not familiar with the product he did a little research and found out it was an RC Rock Crawling company and called them right away.  

Cody hooked up with Randall Davis of Axial, and received and invite to test drive his rig. Cody jumped at the opportunity and spent hours learning all about these “mini crawlers”. “It’s like the real thing without being inside an actual rock crawler. These things flip, flex and roll just like a real rock crawler. They are amazing!” states Cody.

Randall offered to build a rock crawler from his spare parts for Cody to drive in an upcoming event. Within four days an Axial AX10 Scorpion rock crawler was born. Cody spent the evening before the event practicing in Randall’s backyard on smaller scale rock courses for a “little remote time”.

The event at Felicita Park was ran like any other rock crawling event.  All rigs go through a thorough tech inspection and there are preset courses and time limits to complete them in.  The penalty points and rules are also similar to full scale rock crawling competitions. Cody was as ready as he could be to compete against some of the best in the RC crawling circuit. 

Three courses were set up with a 6 minute time limit.  Two of these courses were so tough that not one competitor completed them.  Progression points seemed to be the key to winning the event.  Cody knew that he needed to complete a course in order to have a chance in top place finish.  With minimal penalty points and even a “roll-touch”, Cody finished his only course with 10 points earning him 2nd place for the event. 

“This would not have been possible with out Randall Davis of Axial!  Thank you for opening your home and spending time and energy to make this happen.” 

Axial is a manufacturer of high end remote control products and accessories. They cover the whole scope from beginners to racers. Axial products are designed to support the RC culture through the development and design of remote control parts and accessories. Every component of their products are thought out and evaluated in three key areas: performance, durability, and style. 

Check out Axial at or call (949) 600-8642.

For event pictures please visit or Team Waggoner’s Webshots Album at

This event was Held by SoCal R/C rock crawlers and sponsored by RCP Crawlers., and also Tamiya America,

     TamiyaUSA Home

SoCal R/C Rpcl Crawlers Competition Results Felicita Park 4-26-08





2.2 Driver

Course #1

Course #2

Course #3




Jake Wright







Cody Waggoner






Brain Jones






Cole Mesler






Mike Reisenauer





bullet April 23, 2008


World's Best Automotive and Motorcycle Filters


Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner Racing is very excited to be apart of a K&N Filters short video; now available for viewing online.

K&N Filters is an active sponsor of the team and always keeps up-to-date event information on their news link . Not only do they publish the team event newsletters with pictures, now they have created a short video of the Team Waggoner Racing family.  Please take the time to view the video and let us know what you think.

K&N Engineering, of Riverside, California, is the inventor and leading innovator of reusable cotton gauze filter technology for automotive applications. From humble beginnings as a family run business over 35 years ago, K&N Engineering, now a truly global company with offices in the U.K. and the Netherlands, continues to exist as a family owned business with an enthusiast mindset and a direct connection with motor sports that carries over throughout all levels of management and manufacturing.

Today, K&N exists as both the sales and brand leader for performance filters, and maintains a stocking catalogue of over 3,500 part numbers, including an extensive line of both factory replacement drop-in filters, FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) applications, and its line of innovative Performance Gold oil filters.

Team Waggoner Racing would like to thank all their sponsors for keeping them on top of the rocks.  Sponsors include Eaton Performance Products – Detroit Locker, BF Goodrich, K & N Engineering, Torco Racing Oils, CBM Motorsports, Staun Internal Bead Locks, PRP Custom Racing Seats, Ryan Safety, Lightforce, Fox Racing Shocks, JE Reel Driveline Specialist, Howe Power Steering and You can visit the team website at for more information.


bullet April 18, 2008

Dana Point Times Runs Follow Up Story About Team Waggoner!

bullet April 14, 2008

Perris Raceway, CA

2nd Place Finish

HOT, HOT, HOT!  That sums up this past weekends event at the Perris Raceway.  The overall spectator turn out was great and even better with the familiar faces! 

Lil’ Rich designed some tough courses along the hillside at the racetrack. ... Click Here for more of the story

bullet April 7, 2008 (Updated 10-1-08)
bulletCheck out our updated Event Stats page. 

20 - 1st Place                  5 - 1st Place Series Titles
15 - 2nd Place                8 - 2nd Place Series Titles
8 - 3rd Place                   1 - 3rd Place Series Title  & 1 - 4th Place  & 1 - 6th Place
bullet April 4, 2008

I know we've had a lot of updates this year, but a lot has been going on with our team!
Which is great for us and our sponsors! 

Here is the latest coverage our team has received…   

This is hot off my driveway this morning… The Dana Point Times has done a little story about our team and the upcoming event!  A very well written article about our team, the sport and the upcoming event.   The same story also ran in the San Clemente Times April 3-9th Issue.

Click here for the Dana Point Times online story.  
(Click here for the PDF File of the entire paper - Featured on Page 16)

Click here for the San Clemente Times PDF file of the entire paper - Featured on Page 24

bullet March 30, 2008

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has over 100,000 readers and Team Waggoner was fortunate enough to be featured on the front page of the March 30th  Inland Living Section.  The online article is available via the link below.  

Here is what it looked like in print...

Meet the Southland's new sport - Redmond Carolipio, Staff Writer

If you're driving and a group of big rocks is in your way, your first impulse would be to drive around. Not Cody Waggoner. He'd drive right over them - it's what he does View Full Story

bullet March 28, 2008

Today we are very pleased to announce the addition of Lightforce Lights to the team!

Check out their products here...

bullet March 27, 2008



Capistrano Beach, CA – Team Waggoner Racing is proud to announce that Eaton’s Detroit Locker brand, is returning as a Platinum Sponsor for the 2008 Rock Crawling season.  (Detroit Locker was purchased by Eaton Performance Products Division back in August of 2005).  Driver/Owner Cody Waggoner has been sponsored by Detroit Locker for several years and is thrilled to have them on board for the fourth year in a row as the Platinum Sponsor. 

 Cody has been running Detroit Lockers in and out of competition since 1994 when he purchased his first jeep.  “These lockers are reliable and virtually unbreakable, I wouldn’t use anything else.” states Cody Waggoner. 

 Team Waggoner is also very excited to announce the addition of Ryan Safety and CBM Motorsports to  their team.

 Ryan Safety, located in North Hollywood, CA, is a manufacturer of racing safety equipment for the Stunt, Special Effects, and Motorsports industries.  Owner/Operator Mike Ryan is a 31-year veteran Stunt Driver and Stunt Coordinator with an extensive background in off shore powerboats, sports cars, off road and dirt track vehicles.  Ryan Safety’s product line consists of stock and custom-fit SFI Rated Nomex firesuits, 5, 6, 7, and 8-point belts and harnesses that are SFI-Rated 16.1, helmets, shoes, and accessories, arm restraints, neck protection, window nets and other fire retardant and safety items.  A fabric called Dale from Norway is being used in one and two-piece suits that are not only flame retardant, but water resistant and fuel resistant.  Its fuel resistant characteristic separates Dale from other fabrics, since most suits are not fuel resistant.  Cody was recently fitted for his custom one piece two-layer firesuit and has already outfitted the buggy with new 5-point  belts and arm restraints. Cody Waggoner comments, “We are very excited to have Ryan Safety as a part of our team, their products are top quality and will definitely be put to the test this season.”

CBM Motorsports of Ontario, CA pride themselves on quality and performance along with exceptional customer service and qualified technical support.  Owner Chris Bland is the main engine builder with over 20 years of engine building experience.  He is a GM world class certified technician and is fully ASE certified.  Chris continues to perfect his talent of high-performance custom engine building and has proven his ability to produce consistently superior and reliable engines for all enthusiasts.  “Not only do we have a custom built motor with more horsepower, but we know it’s reliable.  At the end of 2007 it was a great feeling to know that our team finally had a well built motor to compete with in 2008.” states Cody Waggoner.  CBM Motorsports can offer customers full attention to what their needs are and sit down face-to-face to custom design the perfect engine with just the right amount of torque and speed desired.  If you dream it, they can build it. 

With Eaton Performance Products – Detroit Locker on board as their Platinum Sponsor, Team Waggoner Racing will be able to compete in the WE ROCK Western US National Series across the United States.  Other 2008 team sponsors include Torco Racing Oils, BF Goodrich, K & N Engineering, Staun Internal Bead Locks, PRP Custom Racing Seats, JE Reel Driveline Specialist, Howe Power Steering, Fox Racing Shox. 

Visit their website for links to all their sponsors as well as event information and current up-to-date team news,


bulletMarch 19, 2008

Newest sponsor... New Belts, Restraints and Fire Suit!
Check them out...


bulletFebruary 25, 2008

Once a year TWR puts together the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of their rock crawler and see what it's like to drive through the rocks in a competition like setting.  Check out these pictures from the most recent trip out to Lucerne Valley with the Capo Valley 4Wheelers Jeep Club.

Click on the picture below for the photo album

 I would like to thank Roberto for taking the awesome pictures!

~There is also a video by Robert Rien, Click link below~


bulletFebruary 21, 2008

  Saturday, March 1st, 10:30 am (1:30 pm  ET/PT )


Sunday, March 2nd, 9:30 am (12:30 pm ET PT)

Xtreme 4x4 on Spike TV

Will be airing a Segment about the Team Waggoner Racing Family!!!


How fun is this going to be… Armed with footage from the 2007 WE ROCK Grand National Event in Texas and some old photos from the CJ5 jeep days, Xtreme 4x4 has put together a little something on our team!  We haven’t seen it but they say we are really going to like it.  It is the first episode of its kind focusing on the team and its members!

  We are very excited about this episode and can’t wait to be apart of Xtreme 4x4’s 6,000,000 viewers! 

 So tune in to SPIKE TV and check your local listings for
Xtreme 4x4 on March 1st & 2nd.

bulletFebruary 5th, 2008

Ready for a great start to the new season!  For more event information visit the WE ROCK USA website by clicking on the picture below...  
Event Date is April 12th -13th!!!

bulletOctober 30th - November 2, 2007

Buggy was a success during the Las Vegas SEMA Show in the Torco Oil Booth!

bulletOctober 15, 2007

Buggy was on display at the Pomona Off-Road Expo


September 20, 2007

Texas was hot, humid and had lots of bugs.  Besides all of that we did have a great start to the Grand National Event.  The guys finished Saturday in 3rd Place, 14 points out of first place. 

Then Sunday happened... don't know what happened, but we went from 3rd to 9th place.  "It is what it is"!  We all still had a great time and we put on a great show for the Xtreme 4x4 film crew.   Visit the Event Picture Page for More Info.


September 5, 2007

Can we get a hallelujah ?????


Engine #6 has been successfully installed and started right up!  With the help of Jim and our friend Zack it only took a couple hours to get it in and started!  Cody is very happy and relieved that "Roxanne" actually has an engine again.  Now we can focus on Texas!!!


bulletAugust 27, 2007
bulletWe still don't have an engine in "Roxanne", but we have a new engine builder who is working on it for us.  We are planning to get a new and improved motor by the end of the week.  Cutting it close to the event, but lets hope that it all works out for the best!+


August 27, 2007

bulletJuly 21, 2007

Well we are missing an engine… AGAIN!!!  This would be engine # 5! 
Cody took the buggy out this weekend with the engine tuner to make sure it was running properly and it did for about 5 minutes then it went kaput!

We don’t know the reason why, how or what the heck went wrong but Cody and Jim are now official engine puller-outers doing it in record time this weekend. 

As always we will keep you posted on the outcome of our little fiasco!

Wish us a prompt recovery and easy fix!

bulletJuly 2, 2007
bulletBack from Donner with 4th place for the event and 3rd for the overall series!
What an awesome weekend of crawlin'!  See Event Pictures for more info.
bulletMay 31, 2007
bulletCheck out our new Event Stats page. 

19 - 1st Place                  5 - 1st Place Series Titles
13 - 2nd Place                6 - 2nd Place Series Titles
7 - 3rd Place                   1 - 4th Place  & 1 - 6th Place
bulletMay 30, 2007
bulletTeam Waggoner takes Goldendale by the trees... 1st Place victory for the team!
Click HERE for more info and pictures from this past weekends event.
bulletApril 28, 2007

For immediate release ~ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

To all Western Pro National Competitors, Marketing Partners, Media, and Spectators: 

Due to unforeseen and last minute zoning and permitting issues with the new W.E. ROCK competition site in Ellensburg Washington, the Western Pro National # 3 Event will be moved to Goldendale, Washington.  The event date will remain the same (May 25-27, 2007).

W.E. ROCK has enjoyed very successful event in Goldendale and while we all know that the Goldendale site imposes some challenges due to limited size, we are very happy to be able to return to Goldendale one more time.

The Ellensburg construction project will continue and be available for use during the 2008 competition season.  W.E. ROCK wishes to thank all city, county and state official that are making the Ellensburg event site possible.

Please check  for updates to the W.E. ROCK Western Pro Nationals Event # 3.


bulletApril 23, 2007
bulletW.E. ROCK Announces Next Western U.S. Nationals Event will be in Ellensburg, WA!
The W.E. ROCK Washington event, in years past, has been nothing short of epic as all have seen top names bashed off the higher ranks by the local talent and up and comers.  The event has held some record numbers in attendance of both spectators and competitors and although the old site, located in Goldendale, Washington, has been great to the sport; W.E. ROCK has just outgrowth the location.  So where does W.E. ROCK's "Rumble on the Rocks" head to now after 4 years?  Just an hour north in the college town of Ellensburg, Washington.  The event will be held on the first man-made course in the Pacific
North-West.  Check out "Rumble on the Rocks" on May 25-27 in Ellensburg, WA!
bulletmore info at
bulletApril 3, 2007
bulletThe Orange County Register (Front Page of the Local News Section) writes a follow up story on Team Waggoner and the Globe Event results! Click HERE for the story.
Don't forget to rate the article and post a comment, the more positive remarks the story gets the more chance of the newspaper covering the sport even more.

April 2, 2007


3rd Place Finish for our team in Globe, AZ!  Click HERE for pictures.


March 29, 2007


San Clemente Sun Post, with a circulation of  8-9,000, published a story about Team Waggoner - Cover Story and featured online.  Click HERE for the story.
Don't forget to rate the article and post a comment, the more positive remarks the story gets the more chance of the newspaper covering the sport even more.


February 26, 2007

bulletTierra Del Sol (TDS) Annual Safari Run this weekend ~ Anza Borrego, CA
              We are looking forward to having a little fun wheelin'
bulletPictures from our trip... To view them go to this Webshots Link

February 26, 2007

bulletWhat an event!!!! Exciting... Thrilling...Exhilarating... Overall WOW!!! Cody and Jim gave it their all and did a great job at the Fiesta Hotel & Casino WE ROCK USA Event.  Our new engine, (engine #4), is still running and sounds better than ever!  Even with a couple of mishaps during the event we finished 7th out of 18.  We are grateful that Roxanne is still running and had a great time at the event.   See Event Pictures for More Info.

February 18, 2007


Roxanne is finally home and running again!! On Saturday Cody and Jim went to Lucerne Valley to test out the new engine... this time they took the engine guy so he could see exactly what the engine needs to be able to do.   With a few tweaks and adjustments she is running as good as new.  We are very happy to be past the wondering if the engine was going to work and waiting to see when we can get it back.



WE ROCK Henderson, NV at the Fiesta Casino this coming weekend. 
February 24th & 25th.


February 2, 2007

bulletRoxanne came back from the engine tuner broken... so it is back to the drawing board... Cody, Jim and our buddy Zack took the engine out so we can take it to the engine builder to fix again... Stay tuned for the updates.


January 9, 2007

bulletRoxanne is all put back together.  Brakes are bleed and fluids filled and the air bubbles are out.  She started right up!!! Now it's off to the engine tuner to get her all dialed in..


January 3, 2007

bulletWe stripped Roxanne down to the frame to give her the true California spa treatment.  She had her frame powder coated with a beautiful silver color.  Transmission was sent out to be looked over and engine #3 was sent it to be checked out.  Still a little time to get back together before our first event at the end of February.



bulletFor the 2007 rock crawling season we have decided on the premier racing organization WE ROCK USA as our only series of choice.  Our competition schedule has been posted and we are looking forward to a Rockin' year!



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